Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Celebrations

This weekend, we celebrated my Mom and Dad's birthday together (Mom's 2/25 Dad's 3/16) because all three of us children were in town together! My brother Jay was up from Tampa to judge a regional dance competition. The rest of us live pretty close to one another. Mom's having a little trouble saying 50-(five) because it seems like yesterday that she just left the 40's, right? Dad's celebrating his last year as a spry 50-something. Wonder if next March he'll have trouble saying sa-sa-sssa-sixty!

Here's a cute shot of my brother Jay with Carter - these two were definitely having a good time together yesterday. Carter couldn't get enough of Jay's willingness to be goofy. The two of them used the wrapping paper from my parent's gifts to wrap silly things for each other and hide them. A napkin, a fork, a matchbox car... this went on for quite a while as each pretended it was the best present they ever got once they found their surprise! This of course, was a remake of what my brothers and I used to do when we were little - we'd play "birthday" or "Christmas" and wrap items from around the house and pretend it was that occasion! Oh to be young again...

And finally, I had to capture our little princess finding her inner Diva. She is starting to show us more and more when she's not quite agreeing with what's going on. She'll glare at you with this look to protest putting on her coat, being told 'no no', not giving her food fast enough, or if she's just plain tired of you making stupid requests of her like "what does a duck say Olivia?" or "Can I have a smoochie?" So,here I present to you, her new sassy face she makes when she wants you to stop whatever it is you are doing that annoys her! Imagine the sound of a bull scratching it's hoof in the dirt, and you'll hear "oofffffff" coming from that cute pouty mouth of hers! Check out those squinty dartful eyes - love the lowered brows... too funny!



John said...

O looks like a carp!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun weekend -- my dad's bday is also the 16th of March! :O)

OMG Olivia looks precious!!! Diva or not, you gotta love that face!

Wendy said...

Why oh why did it say I'm anonymous! I'm still getting used to this thing.

~Wendy (I'll sign my name this time) LOL