Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Whispers Were Too Loud This Time...

Oh my. It's that time of year again, and it's not even October yet. The time when the Halloween candy on the shelves starts to whisper my name a bit louder than it did in August, when I was hushing it away for being TOO EARLY to tempt me.

Well, I broke down this week. Tuesday to be exact. I had a good excuse though. I told Olivia I had to buy Carter his favorite treat because I was getting her two new books. You know, to be fair and all. So, in the cart went the first bag of the season. Candy Corn. Hey, it was a small bag, give me a break! Empty - there - on the left.

I think everyone has a little bit of a sweet tooth this time of year, but I wouldn't put down that I necessarily have one at any other time of year. I much prefer a crunchy, salty snack - a pretzel rod I can eat each individual nugget of salt from before crunching into it - that's more me.

But there is one combination that I can't resist.

Candy corn, mixed with salted peanuts.

Oh. My. Goodness! Ever had a Payday before? This combination is like every woman's sweet/salty fantasy food. We come wired with some crazy craving center (at least once a month) that says to us, Hey You, Roll That Hunk of Sweet Gooey Fudge In This Here Bowl of Salt. Or how about, Hey These Chips Could Use An M & M Chaser. You know, those sorts of thoughts.

Now, I don't know if this is a regional thing or not, because never have I seen or heard of this combination when I was raised on the East Coast. Or maybe I was just not let in on the secret back then. But out here, you can buy it already mixed. In little plastic containers near the produce. Yes, the produce section, because everyone knows that's exactly where it needs to be located to counteract the effects of what a crisp green bean can do to the body. Odd. But no less tasty.

Anyway, I'm proud to say that I did not gorge on the candy corn, nor have I purchased OR made any of the peanut mix. (yet!) There is still time. But I had one happy little boy who nibbled on the sugar-flavored wax triangle morsels each day until they were gone.

And hearing him hum with happiness as he chewed - well, that was just about as good as eating them myself.

....Just about......


Anonymous said...

A tray of candy corn and salted peanuts appeared Monday morning at 6:00AM on the table at work as the "centerpiece".I resisted all morning, but after lunch,I indulged with a handful. How can you resist? I don't want them in the house either and I know they WILL show up sooner or later. Afterall the peanuts are listed under produce!

JoEllen said...

Oh Andrea......don't do it!!!

ROFLOL!!! I refuse to buy any candy yet b/c I will eat it!

Just wait until the actually GO trick or treating!! Yikes.....

mary said...

Like your new format girl!

For my, I am pretending that candy corn tastes terrible. Don't burst my bubble.

Anonymous said...

I'm known for my odd combinations, but have to say I hadn't heard of someone intentionally mixing candy corn and peanuts until this blog :) I just happen to have both in the house, so I went and tried it and I'm in heaven! I'm on the East Coast, D.C. area, as you know so maybe you're right! Maybe it's a mid-west thing :) Here are a couple of my own odd combos...I eat a whole banana with peanut butter. Just slather some peanut butter one each bite. YUM! And my weirdest...take a slice of balogna, spread jelly all over it, roll it up and eat it. YUM!
Molly ;-)

Karen said...

I must admit that despite having quite the sweet tooth, I have never liked candy corn. I saw a bowl of it sitting on a friend's coffee table the other day and assumed it was just for decoration. Maybe I have to try it with peanuts.