Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 10 - Meme - Random or Weird Facts

What's a meme? Click here if you're curious. I'm finding memes all over the blogging world, and noticing how nicely they are to have as a posting filler during NaBloPoMo. I've been tagged by another blog I read and so now I will entertain you with my meme theme of Saturday Seven!

List 7 Random or Weird Facts About Myself (it is hard to write only 7!)

1. Unpolished toenails drive me nuts. If one’s toes are exposed, I think they should always have a layer of color on them. I mean, they’re feet! They need some pretty-ing! I tend to use a burgundy, purple or taupe. This of course, does not apply to men. I think it would be a little strange to see my husband with painted toenails... I have the opposite of a foot fettish.

2. I have never seen the movie, Gone With The Wind. I read the book 7 years ago though and it has got to be one of my all-time favorite books. I decided to read it after seeing a documentary about slavery & the south on one of those Discovery/History channels. The book is still fresh in my mind like I closed it yesterday. Never having seen the movie either, I didn’t really know what the story was about. I was left with my jaw open at the end of the 1,100 pages! I took all that time to read and THAT is how it ends? Hmph!

3. Both of my children started life in the womb as “a twin”. They were each born as singletons though, after years of infertility treatments. My 2 miracles indeed! Thanks to these awesome people for helping us.

4. I am fiercely allergic to rabbits! And somehow have acquired an allergy to cats. I grew up with cats all my life. Now that I have not lived around one for almost 14 years, I cannot pat one without sneezing, getting a runny nose or needing to gouge my eyes out from itchiness. What's up with that?

5. I’m addicted to Yankee Candles. I have to have a candle or scent going at all times. I get cranky if I’m out of candles and need to rush to the nearest Yankee store to replenish. Some of my favorite scents this time of year include: Spiced Pumpkin, Blueberry, Autumn Wreath, Christmas Eve, Festival of Lights, Jack Frost. But I love anything fruity in the warmer months.

6. I rarely use my cell phone. In fact it is so infrequently used, that it is usually out of battery life before I think of making a call. I tell people that the two sounds in my car you are most likely to hear (besides me barking to Carter to quit copying his sister’s noises) are these, “deedle deedle deee” (high pitched and fast) and “ding (pause)ding(pause)ding”. Those would be the ‘Low Battery’ signal for my phone and the ’Need Gas’ tone on my dashboard, respectively.

7. I love the ocean. But I am deathly afraid of ever going snorkeling. I refuse to go more than waist deep in the sea. And even then, I’m scanning the waters for Jaws and the like. I know that picture you just clicked on was pretty life-like, wasn't it? Ok’s a stupid fear. But I can’t shake it. Bah! Just thinking about it makes my skin all crawly and stuff... Chlorine is my friend.

PS... and remember to check out my Uncle's blog by clicking Here. He's the one that got me started on this whole challenge of posting every day for a month! I won't thank him just yet. I have 20 days to go!


Mary said...

Had NO IDEA about the toenail thing; you freak. But I am having mine done tomorrow -- not because I have too; but because I want to. See what freedom really is?
Is this related, psychically, to the scent thing?

You are very funny, and entertaining, and I'm with you about the ocean/Jaws thing. That movie wrecked my bloody life.
Love, Mary

Deb said...

Very nice post! Not much going on this sunday, except my normal routine of teaching sunday school. Stop by my blog of you can!

Have a great weekend!


John said...

Thanks for the plug!

Interesting fact you didn't know about your uncle: I have spent an entire day of my life watching Gone With the Wind. A high school friend and I constantly went and saw GWTW at Cinema 733 in Boston whenever it played there.