Friday, May 30, 2008

Are you a member of this club?

Well it’s official. I got my first “I hate you!” from my kid. I can’t recall sputtering those words this young (7), but I can bet my parents heard it a time or two out of my mouth. Karma is biting me in the behind. I was pretty mouthy as a child, but again I don’t think I was this young with attitude, maybe I was. I remember in my preteen and my teens though, ouch. So I guess I do know the feeling of not being able to bite my tongue, but is that really hereditary? I mean, look at this face - he doesn't know how to hate anything, where'd he learn this?

He was playing in the yard with some friends and I asked him not to do something on the swing set that was dangerous. He stopped then started doing it again a few minutes later. I told him to come over and sit on the deck for 5 minutes and I would tell him when his time is up. He kept asking if time was up yet, so I informed him a minute is added each time he asked. Finally, about the third time he asked me and I turned him away again with an added minute, I heard him say under his breath, “oh, I really hate this… and I hate you too” as he went to sit back on the deck. I stood there shocked for a moment and wondered how to handle that. I know he was mad and had a right to be, but saying he hated me was simply unacceptable.

He was told to come inside and stay in his room until dinner. We had a talk about it after dinner and then Tom talked to him about it later as he tucked him in. It’s sort of bitter sweet you know. Coming from this particular child, we almost rejoice in the fact that he knows how to be spicy, but it’s catching us a little off guard. And isn’t this spiciness supposed to be reserved for daughters? They are the ones made of sugar and spice you know…

Back in the olden days (ha-ha), when I was little, one punishment you’d hate to get would be soap in the mouth to “wash out the backtalk”. I didn’t get it too often, but I can recall the times in my life that a bar of Ivory Soap was introduced to my taste buds. Not fun. Picture the scene in the classic movie A Christmas Story when the character Ralphie was sitting on the toilet seat cover with a bar of soap sticking out of his mouth.

Yep, not fun. Sadly, I’d probably be arrested in this day and age if I did that to my kid. But I still threaten it. Then I have to chuckle when he asks me serious questions like, “will I make bubbles in my mouth if you put soap in it?”, “what if the soap doesn’t get all the ‘sassies’?”…. geez, how do you keep a straight face when you’re asked these questions?

Oh, I also got a note slipped to me from him while in his room. I instantly thought of my sister in law whose child slipped her a note out of anger one day and it lovingly said, “Mommy butt”. Isn’t that funny? It’s always funnier when it’s not your own child… Anyway, mine said (spelling left as is): “To Mommy from Carter. Dear Mommy, Carter wonts to go outside and play with my frinds.” He definitely gets and A+ for persistence. Little gems like this get put into his memory box next to the "I Love You, Mom" cards. It’s all about balance right?

Anyway, I’m not sure how it feels to belong to this new parent club of “haters” now. I feel anointed, yet a little defeated. It’s pretty much the way I feel about those horrid pregnancy stretch marks now on me forever. You try so hard to do your best job with your kids and this is how they thank you! Where’s Dr. Phil when I need him? Maybe I should mail my Mom a box of Ivory Soap with a note of apology, and the letters S.O.S…

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hey, it's May!

Hard to believe that the month of May is almost over, really. It seems we've been pretty busy around here to just now look up and see that there are not too many days left of it. Which means, school will be out very soon. HELP! Even the pool will be ready for swimming next weekend. Of course it will be freezing cold for the next month or so until it really warms up - but the kids don't care. They sit on the side with their blue lips and teeth chattering and claim, "No! I'm not cold!" when you suggest getting out and drying off.

Anyway - here's just a little update of what we've been up to this month - and some pictures to go along with the happenings!

Earlier this month a group that I belong to called Mothers and More did one of our community outreach projects, and we cooked and served breakfast to the families staying at the Ronald McDonald house in Indianapolis. RMH is located at the Riley Hospital for Children and they also have an off-site location available for families. These families can stay overnight here when they have an inpatient child at the hospital. We also collected donations for their in-house pantry and the house in general. It was a wonderful morning and we are looking forward to serving again!

click photos to enlarge

Mother's Day was great! I was showered with love from my family. Carter made me an adorable gift at school and the kids gave me cards and a beautiful picture frame to put three of my favorite shots in. Tom got me a gift card to my favorite nursery to get some flower baskets, my parents gave me two great planters for my deck and my in laws came over and planted a climbing clematis plant at my light post in the yard, which will have white flowers when in bloom.

click photos to enlarge

I spent last week buying some flowers and planting. I have my pots filled and I am eager to see everything fill out as the summer progresses. Carter really wanted to plant some vegetables this year, so I agreed to plant two in some containers. He chose tomatoes (Roma) and I chose Bell Peppers. I think we may do some pole green beans too. I also planted an herb garden in a container, which has basil, thyme, rosemary, garlic chives and cilantro. I'm excited to have the herbs on-hand right here to cook with. Let's hope they're not dead in a month! I am not known for my green thumb!

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Mother's Day was also exciting this year because Tom's graduation was that day! He's the proud recipient of a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Information Technology. It was a great ceremony and we are all very proud of his accomplishment. While his parents and I attended the day's festivities, my parents were gracious to stay back and watch our kids all day so we could attend without distractions. They were sorry to miss the formalities, but we got together for a nice dinner back at my in law's house that evening so we could all celebrate!

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Carter had a school function this month called Young Authors. One of his classmate's mom is a children's book author. She came into the class and shared a couple of her books with the students. Her illustrator even came in one day to teach the kids how to draw a couple of things too. The kids had to create their own story, illustrate it, sew the binding, make a cover etc. They presented their books to all the parents at Young Authors night. Each child got to read their story out loud to their group of parents, and show us the illustrations they made. It was incredibly cute and he did such a great job! Another little treasure to add to his keepsake book.

click photos to enlarge

Well that's all I'm going to cover in this post. We're looking forward to a nice 4-day weekend next week for Memorial Day. The Indianapolis 500 is next weekend, so the city is certainly geared up for all the hoopla that accompanies the race. I think we might hit the zoo for the first time this season before the end of May. We're looking forward to bringing Olivia to see the animals, and we are already chuckling at the thought of her reaction. We have a feeling she may be quacking like a duck, meowing like a cat or barking like a dog a lot that day. That is what she does for most animals she sees, regardless of their species! Should be cute - and yes, there will be pictures...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Did you know?

It's Meme time! Since my mind is jammed full of useless info at the moment - I present my latest "list"....

Ten movies I would watch over and over: Grease, Top Gun, Forest Gump, Jerry McGuire, Nat’l Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Pretty Woman, Erin Brockavich, Good Will Hunting, Ocean’s 11, Schindler's List

Nine people I enjoy the company of: (more than 9 to name!) My girlfriends, my family

Eight things I'm wearing: Pajama top, bottoms, socks on both feet, underwear, earrings, hair clip, loop recorder

Seven things on my mind: The answers to these questions, installed new light fixture and it works, should have purchased another beaded spoon today, I need to download some pictures from my camera, I’ve got to plant more flowers this week, my menu for Bunco night, I’m sore from Boot Camp yesterday

Six objects I touch every day: alarm clock, toothbrush, coffee maker, remote control, dishwasher, car keys

Five things I do every day: housework, cook meals, check email, surf the ‘net, read the paper

Four bands or musical artists that I couldn’t live without:
Matchbox 20, Van Morrison, 70’s music, Daughtry

Three of my favorite songs of the moment:
songs by Daughtry, Kanye West “Stronger”, "Unwritten" Natasha Bettingfield, any songs by Colbie Caillat

Two people who have influenced my life the most: Carter and Olivia

One person who has been nice to me today: Everyone I've encountered