Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 17 - Saturday Six!

Welcome to my Saturday Six!

Paper or Plastic? I tend to annoy the bagger at the grocery store when I go. I feel bad sometimes, because I remember a time that I worked as a cashier at a local grocer. I hated picky customers when it came to what bags they preferred. I was young, give me a break! So now, karma has come 'round and I request paper most times (unless the store does not have handles on their bags (Kroger)) because I can get more in them. And I recycle and need them to put my newspapers in from the week. And because I have one set up in the garage that I toss dirty diapers into. And because they don't slide around in the van and spill everything out of them. 'Nuf said? But sometimes, when I'm running low on plastics, I request to have paper IN plastic! Ugg.. this is so torture to the bagger, I remember so well, and now I'm doing it! I need to have plastics around though. Everyone uses a plastic bag for things, right? So, in a nutshell, I'm a paper AND plastic girl. I guess I'm only half steps!

Sweet or Unsweetened Iced Tea? I grew up with my iced tea tasting like I added a spoonful of tea to my sugar. Yes, I said that right. Sickly sweet. And instant! And no, I'm not from the South to have had it that sweet. Nestea was the brand I think, or Lipton. Whatever. Now that I'm a grown up (some would argue - heh!), I like it without sugar. Straight up, no lemon, no sugar and not instant. I can't believe I used to drink it the other way! Ew!

Coffee - black or dressed up? I'm not a big coffee drinker, but when I do have it, I am just the opposite of how I like my iced tea. I want my coffee with cream as creamy as one can get it, and delight in a flavored cream! Oh yes, and sugar me up! I like a little splash of coffee with my cream & sugar please... for the record, my hubby likes it black. What's the point I say? Oh, and I do it decaf mostly, because I get weird heart dabbles when I have too much caffeine. See? I don't have any need to be a coffee drinker. I dress it up so much that it no longer resembles coffee in taste or color, then I want it decaf...might as well just have a glass of water. I can ask myself now, what's the point?

Snooze Button or Get Right Up? Hmm... this one depends on the activity I would be setting my alarm clock for. I'm generally a get right up girl, because there's nothing more annoying than that 9 useless minutes in between hitting the button. I only know this, because of course I've done it! And it's stupid.... and there's one alarm clock that does this 5 days a week. It's not mine, but you can probably guess who's it is by elimination. I mean, if you have to get up at 6:30, then set the alarm for 6:30! Not 6:00 then hit it for a half hour.... Grrrrrrrr.... C'mon, I do not have to be up that early, yet I'm forced to be jolted awake. No fair! Oh, then there's those people who do that crazy thing like put the wrong time on their clocks - set it 15-30 minutes wrong. Do you know people that do that? I'm related to people that do that. I won't say who, but you know who you are. What.The.Heck! You already know you "fooled yourself", it's not like you closed your eyes and hit the time before bed button and you will have to guess what time it really is in the morning. No - you already know when your alarm goes off that it's 15 minutes wrong. Who are you trying to fool anyway? (names have been left out to protect the foolish).

McDreamy or McSteamy? In case you have been living under a rock and do not know what this is referring to, they are characters in the tv show Grey's Anatomy. They are male doctors (cuties) that have been given secret nicknames by their female coworkers. They are referred to in conversations as McDreamy and McSteamy for obvious appearance reasons! Ok where was I? I think McDreamy is, well Dreamy! And McSteamy is yeah. That. I could not choose - they are both so different. Maybe they need a character that has both man's qualities rolled into one.... McPackage!

Toilet Paper - over or under? I put the paper roll on the holder with the paper over the top. I have been known to switch it in other people's homes. It drives me nuts when it's under. It's too much effort for me. I have also been known to fold the end piece like a little triangle the way the hotels do sometimes. It looks prettier. You know, when what you're looking for is pretty toilet paper when you're in there and all. So, if you like it under and you've found it changed after I've been visiting, I'm sorry. But I will do it again the next time too, so you might as well just get it the right way before I get there.


John said...

I'm a over person and I'm also a folder not a scruncher.

Melissa said...

Cracking up....I also have my tp come over the top. But mom doesn't so I always change hers!