Saturday, May 17, 2008

Did you know?

It's Meme time! Since my mind is jammed full of useless info at the moment - I present my latest "list"....

Ten movies I would watch over and over: Grease, Top Gun, Forest Gump, Jerry McGuire, Nat’l Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Pretty Woman, Erin Brockavich, Good Will Hunting, Ocean’s 11, Schindler's List

Nine people I enjoy the company of: (more than 9 to name!) My girlfriends, my family

Eight things I'm wearing: Pajama top, bottoms, socks on both feet, underwear, earrings, hair clip, loop recorder

Seven things on my mind: The answers to these questions, installed new light fixture and it works, should have purchased another beaded spoon today, I need to download some pictures from my camera, I’ve got to plant more flowers this week, my menu for Bunco night, I’m sore from Boot Camp yesterday

Six objects I touch every day: alarm clock, toothbrush, coffee maker, remote control, dishwasher, car keys

Five things I do every day: housework, cook meals, check email, surf the ‘net, read the paper

Four bands or musical artists that I couldn’t live without:
Matchbox 20, Van Morrison, 70’s music, Daughtry

Three of my favorite songs of the moment:
songs by Daughtry, Kanye West “Stronger”, "Unwritten" Natasha Bettingfield, any songs by Colbie Caillat

Two people who have influenced my life the most: Carter and Olivia

One person who has been nice to me today: Everyone I've encountered

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