Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear President Obama

Carter brought home a paper today, an assignment from school in which he had to finish an open letter to Barack Obama. It is precious, and you know preciousness has to be blogged about! It begins with this first paragraph, and then the children were to finish the letter. I will keep the spelling as it is written on his paper.

Dear President Obama:

We learned in Scholastic news that you will be President for the next four years. Here is what I hope you will do for our country:

I glad your the 44 President. I howpe you like beaing president. i hope it is fun for you. Iv seen you on tv when you became president and my mom saed Yaa! iv seen your dooders (daughters) to. Angjoy beaing president all ways.



JoEllen said...

very cute!!

Marianna said...

What a great letter! I love first grade spelling (forgive me if I've put Carter in the wrong grade!!)

I said a big YAY! too!!