Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Miscellaneous Blatherings

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Grandparents Day at school
Misc. cuteness
A visit to 1st grade music class
Halloween preview

A few weeks ago, Carter's school had a special day that all the Grandparents could come in for an assembly of sorts, put on by the 1st graders. The children sang some songs, asked questions and served a snack of lemonade and cookies! All grandparents were accounted for on Carter's behalf, and it was noted that he had the most guests that day. He's a lucky kid to have his 'Special Spoilers' living so close. I cherish my own fond memories of growing up with mine close by to share these special occasions with too. Here are some photos from the day! Grampy (my dad) is missing from these photos because he is behind the lens.

Here's Carter standing in front of his locker in the hall outside his classroom.

This is a note on his desk for his grandparents to read. He also made each person a cute little bookmark to take home.

His teacher is Mrs. Smith - she's the one standing in front with the black/white top. Miss Mobley is his instructional assistant - she's in the black top standing on the left.
And finally, three of his four grandparents for a special snapshot!

Grammy & Grampy stopped by to say hello at our house after grandparents day. We waited for Carter's bus to arrive, and in the meantime got some cute pictures of Olivia and Gram.



I had the opportunity to visit Carter's music class one afternoon last week. I was filled with warm fuzzies as I watched all of the children participate with such enthusiasm! Ms. Hampton had such a captive audience with her students, and they had a ball echoing her, learning to count and read beats, dancing and playing a few instruments. Carter gets so excited when it's music class day. I beam when he wants to sing new songs to me that he has learned, and he's pretty sure he wants to learn to play every.single.instrument!

Here's my Music Man!

Preparing to play the Glockenspiel

Do si do!


Our neighborhood annual S'mores & Hayride event was this evening. We walked down to the cul-de-sac where all the kids and their families were gathered around the bonfires. We enjoyed some hot cocoa, s'mores and the perfect chilly autumn evening for a hayride! Kiddos were in their costumes, so of course I had to snap some photos before we left. Enjoy the Halloween preview!

Presenting..... Mr. Incredible!

...And the cutest Ladybug ever!

Here's my little spookers!

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Lisa said...

Andrea, I love reading your blog! I don't always have time to comment but it's so wonderful keeping up with your family. Kids are growing so fast!!

Lisa Mann