Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A quick FYI...

I changed clothes today. Blog clothes. My title page has changed headings with the help of a little tweaking from a nerdy family member. I used 'nerdy' in the most endearing way of course! Everyone needs a computer nerd in the mix. I'm lucky that way. I have a couple to set me straight. I also wanted to mention that you can now read my blatherings directly on the following websites. No pen and paper required to remember the once too-long URL!
For us regular internet folks.
To be used when in conversation with nerds and geeks alike.
To be used when I'm at the latest PTA or non-profit gig.

Special thanks to my Uncle John & Aunt Mary!

Now back to our regularly scheduled here for the previous post

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Monica said...

You have such a gift for bringing a smile to someones face and laughter with your words. Thanks......Monica