Friday, July 11, 2008

Home Sweet Indianapolis

It's not often that I have anyone to plug my midwest home to, and brag about the array of things there are to do here - except of course, those friends and relatives that still have not come to visit me from the East Coast. I know sometimes we get thrown into the stereotypical midwest/corn/soybeans/basketball/boring category - but really, that's not what the Crossroads of America is all about.... like the title of my blog says, there is really more than just corn in Indiana...

Recently, a couple of guys that work for the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association won a national "Telly" award for a music video they created about the city of Indianapolis. It features the music of Indiana native and music star Jon McLaughlin, singing his hit For You From Me.

It's a pretty cool video highlighting some of the great things to see and do right here in the city - check it out below - remember to turn up your sound!

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