Saturday, July 5, 2008

Picture Update

Happy 4th of July!

It's so nice to have the main PC back from the doctor, so here's my latest picture update! You can click on any picture to enlarge it!

Here are the kiddos before our neighborhood bike parade. I would have taken some pictures outside too, but it was pouring rain and I didn't want to get the camera soaked!

Carter enjoying one of my least favorite fireworks - the 12,000 degree sparkler! We had a nice holiday with friends and family. On the 3rd, we had a little fireworks block party with around 7 families at dusk. We all conviened on my front lawn and watched the guys launch all the loot. Turns out that Olivia was petrified of the fireworks, so Mom took her inside and kept her calm. On the 4th, we had a nice cookout with the family and then enjoyed the sounds of more neighborhood fireworks. We decided not to go to our Town's show because Olivia was so freaked out by the noise. Next year hopefully we'll get there!

Olivia being her happy self - I was trying to get a shot of her wild curly hair, but the cute cheesy smile got in the way!

Here she is being her diva-self. She loves hats, purses, bracelets - anything girly and especially if it blings! It's so cute to observe her putting on a hat and bracelet and prance around the house like no one is watching....

Here's my two monkeys...

Carter enjoying one of his favorite pastimes. He's taking lessons 2 x a week through the summer. He's a little frightful of the deep end, so we're working on that.

These are some cute little dress-up items that my mother couldn't resist. Olivia just happened to be wearing purple clothes when she got to try on the boa, sparkle purse and tulle tu-tu - so cute!

Boys and trees - how can they pass one up? This is in my parent's yard...

Here is Carter playing "The Joker" with my neice Jillian. Jilly's bedroom has a really neat alcove built into the room that they use as a stage and play area. They were putting on a play - Jilly said she was "The Queen". So true.

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John said...

Thanks for the update. Where did the curly hair come from?