Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Party in The 'Hood

Our annual neighborhood fall party was Friday night, and as usual the kids had a great time. This year, we had a cookie decorating table, pumpkin decorating table, hot dogs, hot chocolate and hayrides! The weather was rainy until mid afternoon - so those of on the planning committee were crossing our fingers tightly for it to stop in time so that we didn't have to postpone until next week. It did, and turned out to be a really nice fall evening in the 'Hood.

Here are a few pictures from the day.... first a taste of the rainy start of the day

The rain stopped, had some time to dry out a little and this is Spidey on his way! (look at the Maple tree turning color - pretty!)

Here's the Superhero and the Kitty

A couple of shots of the neighbors enjoying the hayride etc.


JoEllen said...

what a awesome time! I wish we lived near you :)

Marianna said...

Looks like a fun night! Hope you'll post some from Kimberly's!


Shannon said...

Your neighborhood is so cool, Andrea. Consider me JEALOUS! :)

I'm glad ya'll such a great time and that the weather cooperated.

Anonymous said...

What fun! We're having a cul-de-sac party on Halloween night before TorT time :) We'll have tables and everyone will bring finger foods only. I think I'll do PB&J sandwiches that I'll cut with Halloween cookie cutters! No hayrides or anything, but it will be neighborly fun :)

wendy said...

Andrea -- looks like lots of fun - we have something similar in our community park with hayrides, pumpkins, etc., but it's on a bigger scale because the community is invited.

We have two parties on T/T night - one before t/t and one after since it's a friday night! And the majority of us all t/t together!