Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving 2008

Another annual family pumpkin carving night has come and gone. Mom and I didn't get to our own pumpkins though, because Carter needed help with the sharp objects (yikes), and Olivia wasn't feeling 100% so she was a bit, shall we say, unimpressed by the whole thing. As in, like "Mommy hold me" (every 2 seconds), and "Someone just glanced my way so now I must scream in protest!" She eventually chilled out enough to accept a marker and scribbled on her own pumpkin.

Carter on the other hand, was extremely fascinated with the latest pumpkin carving power tools that we have. They're not quite Craftsman brand, and they are plastic, but add batteries and they become mini-chainsaws! Things like,"Carter, don't cut the table!" and "Carter, yes that will cut your finger off if you touch it while it's turned on!" and "No we will not see if it's sharp enough to cut your clothes" were said over and over.

In the end, we had yet another year of masterpieces - we are getting good at this!

From L to R - Tom, Dad, PJ & Carter's final pumpkins!


wendy said...

I love your pumpkins!!! I always wanted to do that - but we settle for the tradition faces that the kids draw and Fred carves...

Working on ours tonight - halloween snuck up on us!!!!

JoEllen said...

Those are AWESOME andrea!!!

John said...

Where are the barfing pumpkins?