Thursday, November 1, 2007

National Blog Posting Month

Ok... deep breath in..... and let it out....

I'm going to attempt to partake in NaBloPoMo07. Which means, I am jumping in feet first with the rest of the willing participants of the Blogger World, and committing to making a blog entry every single day during the month of November. Be prepared for some not-so-interesting stuff to be written here this month. It will be a challenge! I have been going back and forth about participating in this since I'm new to blogging. But I didn't have to look far for my inspiration! And my kids are pretty tired of listening to me, so I'll just resort to moving my fingers 100 mph on the keyboard instead! Bear with me... let's begin!

So today I actually have a couple of topics I can choose from. I don't know whether to write about them all, or save some up for the other days. Hmmm, I guess I'll just write the thoughts that are on the tip of my, fingers.

First things first - my poor baby boy has a gnarly ear infection. We found this out this morning when he woke me up crying because his ear hurt. I got him seen at the Dr. at 8:30 this morning. They gave him some numbing drops in his ear and a script for Amoxicillin for the next 10 days. He's home from school today (they have 1/2 day today and tomorrow anyway) and is moaning in the family room. Now, before I go any further, let me just make note of a few things to protect the innocent (me). He's been fed (homemade chocolate chip banana bread). Watered (sugar free pink lemonade). Drugged up with the pink stuff (antibiotic). Drugged up with the orange stuff (Motrin). Sprinkled with the ear stuff (numbing drops). No fever (thank goodness). And I have been cuddling with him (by request) in the big fluffy chair in our family room, and allowing him to cough his nasty germs into my face when he forgets to cover his mouth fast enough. I feel like I need to wear a spit shield like one needs in the presence of former Steelers coach, Bill Cowher. Nurse/Mommy Duties have been fulfilled... for the moment.

Here's where my story changes. Now don't go looking up the number for child protective services. Or call his Grandmothers. What I am about to say may not be suitable for the weak at heart. Here it goes..... I warned you. I (gulp) have no patience for sick people! THERE! I said IT! I don't, I really don't. My limit is short on how much whining and moaning I can take when someone is sick. I'm not just talking about my kids, I mean ANYone. This gene must have mutated when it got to me, because my own mother was very attentive when any of us kids were sick. She still is even now that we're older. My husband is very "motherly" in this way too. I'm not saying that I am neglecting my sickly children - reread above if you need a refresher. I just admit that I am not a good nurse. Tom will tell you that too. Because he's had to have me as his nurse when he is not feeling well. I stink at it. I know he secretly wishes I'd taken Nurse 101 class from his mom. I have to hide the phone when he's sick so he doesn't call her to come cuddle him in the big fluffy chair in the family room. (kidding)

I'm thinking maybe this is a guy-thing. With the exception of my Mom because she is an admitted moaner when she is not feeling well (this drives me nuts and she knows it). But she'll agree I'm sure, that it does seem to point more to whiny men. She's had to take care of my Dad when he's not feeling well (and I've seen it, it's not pretty!) and moaning. He likes to wrap himself in his robe and 'sweat it out'. Ugg! Just as long as he can do it out of my eyesight, then everyone will be fine. But I no longer live with them, so it's not my problem. I'm digressing again. I have my own house full of bodies that need a warm, compassionate Nurse. I'm lukewarm. Tepid others might call it. Ok ok, I have been known to even get a little cold. If it's something really serious, you can scratch out this whole post and there would be a different kind of nurse present. That would be Momma Bear Nurse. I know I've got HER in me, watch out.....but I'm talking run-of-the-mill sickies in this post, people! Maybe there are some that might read this and think, 'wow- what a wretch!'. Well be glad I'm not your nurse. I do know that there are some that feel exactly the same way as I do (names have been withheld to protect the innocent. Your secret is safe with me, Melissa!). So I know that I'm not alone when I openly complain about my eyes hurting from all the rolling they have been doing when I once again here "Mommy!"

Maybe it's because when I'm sick, I'm the type of person that just wants to be left alone. Don't talk to me. Don't touch me. Don't look at me. In fact, just quit breathing near me and no one gets hurt. And I think, why can't everyone be like that? Why do some people need the constant presence of another person when they are not feeling 100%? Your legs aren't broken - get your own drink! There's blankets on the couch - quit saying you're cold! Enough already! I want to make it clear that these words never come out of my mouth, but they are dancing around in my head at times. Listen, I do have compassion and I don't like it when people are not feeling well. I want them to get better. I want my baby's ear to not hurt today - I wish I could wave my magic Mommy Wand and make it instantly stop. But I can't. I can only give him what the doctor ordered and a little TLC. And that to a child, is exactly what will make it 'all better'. In fact, the latest report coming from Sick Bay #1 is that the Motrin has kicked in and his ear is not hurting right now. What a relief. For both of us...


Christina said...

I agree with you, take two pills and call me in the morning when you're over it.

Claire said...

Well said! Patience is a virtue! You do exceptionally well when people are sick. This would be a great time to try a new chicken soup recipe. I hope Carter feels better soon! We love your blogs! I will continue to moan and I know you will be willing to listen to me with open ears.LOL!