Thursday, December 20, 2007

...oh, it must be God

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring.......

Carter: "Mommy, the phone is ringing!"
Me: "I know, I can't get it right now I'm busy with Olivia"
Carter: "Can I answer it?"
Me: "no, not this time, they'll leave a message"
Carter: "can I push the message button then?"
Me: "When I'm done changing Olivia"

I'm done, so we go to the kitchen to see the phone glowing orange which indicates a message - and he wants to listen...

Me: "Ok Carter, remember which button to press?"
Carter: "yesssssss Mommmmmyyyyy" (imagine an eyeroll inserted here from Carter because apparently kids think their parents are so dumb already at the ripe old age of SIX)

Listening to silence as the caller didn't want to leave a message it appears...

Me: "Well, I guess no one was there."
Carter: "No, I think it must have been God...."
Me: "God? Why would it be God if there's nobody on the answering machine?
Carter: "Becaaaaauuuuse, we can't hear God, and we didn't hear anyone on the message!" (imagine an eyeroll inserted here from Carter yet again in frustration as if to say - DUH Mom!)


Well, if he says it must be God....... (shrug) I have no argument!

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