Sunday, December 9, 2007

Winter fun! Pictures & Video Clip

Since there's not too much going on other than getting Christmas shopping done and fretting about Luminary Night that was supposed to happen in my neighborhood tonight (postponed because of rain), I thought I'd post some pictures of Carter enjoying our freshly fallen snow and a cute video of Olivia's new tricks!

As always, click photos to enlarge!

The view into the back yard trees looked so pretty after the snow fell...

Carter preparing to create his work of art...

Here we have the quintessential snow angel art! He couldn't wait to stamp one into the ground....


And before the rain began to wash it all away, we had to build our first snowman of 2007!


And here's my sweet Olivia - this video contains 2 parts - the first is her kissing the pictures in her favorite book. The second part of it is her showing off her new trick of shaking her head "No No" and giggling! Enjoy! Just an FYI, she's not said "Mama" yet (sure, she'll point to me if you ask her where Mama is), but she can already tell me "no"... what's up with that?

View this montage created at One True Media
Olivia kissing pictures 12/9/07


John said...

Thanks for all the media. Can you put together a video for papa and send it to us. We'll play it for him on Christmas?

Cayla said...

Good words.