Thursday, December 6, 2007

Snow gear insanity!

Why is it that snow gear for children takes 11 hours to put on them for only 5 minutes of play time because they're too cold? Arrrrgh! And there is never any gear left in the store when you actually need to buy it...

So we had our first accumulative snowfall yesterday (3.5"), not too much, but just enough to need snow gear to play outside. I'm not usually a procrastinator, ok maybe sometimes, but I have good reasons. You know how swim suits, flip flops & pool toys start making it to the store shelves in February? - yeah, ridiculous to us Northerners - well snow gear starts getting into the stores before pumpkin seeds are even planted. Who's in charge at these dept. stores, of ordering for the seasons anyway? Whoever it is must be from the south - where those timelines actually make sense. That, or they're just idiots. (I don't sound bitter do I?)

So while parents are starting to think about what their plans for 4th of July are, the store stock boys are removing flip flops (which is usually around the time I start looking for some and they're gone), swimsuits, putting up Christmas decorations - and hanging snow gear. Mercy - who's thinking about snow any time other than the day before the first storm is to arrive - in December? Not me. Sure, I see the snow pants, the latest snow boot fashion, the cute hats and gloves I will need to stock up on. Somehow each year, pairs of gloves disappear in the abyss and join the secret "other sock" collection, and need to be replaced. But no, I'm searching for flip flops, not snow gear during that time.

Then December hits. Getting cold out. Starting to think about needing snow gear for the kids. Alas, some snow is predicted! Flurries! No need for gear in flurries - we'll wait for The Big One to be predicted. Not good. Do you know why it's not good? Because now the gear flies off the shelf as fast as bread and eggs before a storm (people must like to make french toast during a storm or something? It's always the first to go!). Once the gear is picked over, and inevitably your kids' sizes are gone, you are forced to drive all over town from store to store hoping you find said gear. Sometimes you're lucky - sometimes not so much. Sure, there's always L.L. Bean (great store!) if you want to spend $70 on snow pants, but I like to keep my recurring annual purchase under $20 if I can. That is not an unreasonable request, because they're usually on sale - and this causes the giant stampede of Mothers In Mass to suck up every thread they can get their hands on.

The real frustrating part of all this you ask? They do not restock. Nope, that's it folks. The gear was out since July - you should have purchased some then! They need to make room for flip flops and swim suits now.... thankfully, we 'geared up' before the mention of our season's First Snow. A day earlier. That, was close! More snow tonight - 1-2". Not much, but enough for the kids to need that snow gear - and we've got it! Imagine my evil laugh inserted here....


Mary said...

I'm envious of all your snow!
Perhaps snow shoveling is a good way to work off the frustration about all that gear?

The helpful aunt, m

Renee said...

Andrea you are so right. I'm the same type shopper you are...silly us for thinking we can get things in the season we need them.
Love your blogs...and I'm really happy you guys are getting all the snow and we aren't.

Paula said...

I ran out last night for said "snow gear" so a little 5 year old could wake up and find her new boots, gloves and hat! And of course I couldn't have waited till everything went on sale because there was hardly anything left.... so I share your frustration.