Saturday, September 6, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

We are!

But our TV is not. Ugg. This morning we turned it on and the convergence was all out of skew. The color is whacked, the picture is warped and the repairman doesn't arrive until Monday.




Oh, the humanity!

This is our luck sometimes. We dug into the files and found the receipt for the tv, it's only 5 years old. And nope, no extended warranty left, of course. I had a lot of faith in SONY. They were like the kings of electronics, so I am quite disappointed that this TV has failed us in such a short amount of time. We shudder to think we might need to consider replacing the 47" boob tube - I guess when we get the estimate on Monday, we'll be making a decision. I think we might all go into convulsions if we were without it for very long. It's football season for heaven's sake!

5 years ago this happened to us the night before a major game for the championship against the Patriots. Our other TV crapped out, and we were forced to upgrade at the last minute just in time for game day! So, in spite of the situation, we are kinda laughing at ourselves that we are in the same boat again.

So today I will pay homage to the Indianapolis Colt's new house, Lucas Oil Stadium. It's like a piece of art, really. Massive (63,000 seat stadium can accommodate up to 70,000 fans for other uses). Expensive ($720 Million). State-Of-The-Art (its retractable roof is first ever to divide lengthwise, and the window wall is the largest movable glass wall in the world). It is a beauty, and one of the best places to play football in the country. Certainly the only retractable roof system like it anywhere in the NFL, and it's going to make it's national debut during Sunday night's game at 8:15 pm on NBC.

The guys were invited on a tour of the new stadium a few weeks ago, so I present to you....

(Click photos to enlarge!)

Street view of the stadium....

These windows slide open, and from the inside the fans get a view of the Indianapolis skyline.

Inside field view....

Another inside view, but with the roof open and the end-zone windows open to view the downtown skyline... awesome!

Can't forget a shot of our Superbowl banner!

Carter wearing his team jersey with pride!


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