Sunday, September 7, 2008

Midwest Living

We rang in the weekend with our town's annual Fall Festival kickoff parade on Saturday. I'm originally from a city 9 miles north of Boston, that has a population of just shy of 90,000 people in 10 square miles. Going to these midwestern small-town parades are really fun to me, and a bit curious still after all these years. We seem to have festivals out here for everything, and a parade is always part of it. The town I live in now is not far from downtown Indianapolis (approx. 15 miles), but its charm is small-town all the way. I think our last census counted us at just over 11,000 residents in about 6 square miles.

This year, the parade was quite long, lasting about 2 hours from start to finish. The kids had SO much candy, it looked like Halloween came early. Their bags nearly bursting from the weight of their high-fructose-corn-syrupy goodies they collected from all the floats and causes along the route.

It was the perfect parade-watching weather. 70 degrees, bright blue sky and smiles everywhere.

Here's a little glimpse of our afternoon... remember to click on any photo to enlarge it.

No parade is complete without the lights and sirens to signal the official start...

These bagpipers played while walking uphill toward us. How they still had breath in them was beyond me. I thought he looked good through my lens, so I snapped a picture of him.

Yes, our grocery store in town has a Mascot. Our Marsh mouse named Fielding. Is that small-town enough for you?

Played around with the colors in this photo. The flag holds its own I think.

How cool is this emblem?

These two felt worthy of my collection today. They capture the leisurely spirit of the Midwest. Patient. Relaxed. Content. They're just chillin' out, waiting their turn in the parade line. Who needs a Mustang when you have a John Deer as your ride. Iced tea anyone?

Indianapolis Corvette Club members - my parents. They are active volunteers in the Club and enjoy being a part of the local parades. It was fun to see them in ours today. Hi Mom! No, the Vette is not two-toned color - I was playing with my pictures again!

Here's our kid's school banner and float from the parade. The school won an award for their float, "Where Magic Happens and Every Student Is A Star". A school bus coming out of a magician's hat and decorated nicely for fall.

An action shot of a couple of Carter's buddies yelling his name and throwing candy at him. They walked in the parade representing his school.

Ok, here's where I must say, I didn't see a whole lot of this as a youngster in our parades in 'the city'... I suddenly had the urge to pick my teeth with a piece of straw. Or is it hay?

Nor can I say I have ever seen this in parades as a child... who needs a dog when you can have a goat?

Well there you have it. The official mark that Fall's arrival is on its way. My favorite season. I think I'm going to start bringing my autumn decorations down from the attic next weekend. S'mores anyone?


Anonymous said...

I wish I lived there with you :) Northern VA is just the opposite of relaxed and patient. It would be so nice to live somewhere like that :) Oh, and I took my fall decorations out of the attic just yesterday...but I only have about 6 things, and except for the wreath, they're ALL pumpkins! I seriously need to go shopping ;-)

Christie said...

Hey there,

I found your blog today, and seeing as how I'm also from small town Indiana (Fishers, to be exact), I'd love to add you to my blogroll. Is that okay? Oh, and one more question - what's your first name (if you don't mind). I list my blogroll by first name whenever possible.

I'm Christie, btw. Hi!