Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 27 - What's in YOUR fridge?

Here we have a photo of the outside of my refrigerator. It actually has looked alot more cluttered with papers from school - but since there were no papers from last week, we have no clutter. Perfect time for a photo!

What do we have? Left side, red paper is a list of Carter's spelling words for the month. Below that, is his report card from a few weeks ago. On the right, we have a note pad with a Halloween ghost for my constant lists. Pictures of my nieces and nephew in Colorado, and a picture of the 5 grandkids together. Below that is the school lunch menu for the month of November.

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Inside needs to be checked for trash day tomorrow... I think I cleaned it out pretty well last week though, but there are always stragglers hanging out in containers.

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On the left door, we have typical condiments. An assortment of items from top to bottom include: A-1 steak sauce, terriyaki marinade, minced garlic, salad dressing, pickles, strawberry jam, maraschino cherries, creamer, ketchup & horseradish sauce.

In the main compartment we have from top to bottom: Grammy's Surprise dessert, mayo, individual applesauces, half & half, eggs, Carter's lunchbox, Yo-Baby organic yogurt for Olivia, Yoplait yogurt for Carter, Dannon fit & lite yogurt, & 2 jugs of Lemonade flavored Gatorade. In the cheese drawer, we have Kraft cheese slices, shredded Mexican blend, Pedialyte, package of flour tortillas & some hot dogs. The drink holders have diet coke, pepsi and diet ginger ale. Below is a 1/2 full bottle of Strawberry Marguerita mix (mmmm!) and some guacamole that probably needs to be thrown out.

The drawers contain: Red delicious apples, red seedless grapes and Honeycrisp apples. Veggies are onions, carrots, broccoli and celery in the other drawer.

The right side of the fridge contains: butter, 1% milk, Nesquik chocolate syrup & Hersey's strawberry syrup. Lemon juice, misc. marinades and a bottle of champagne.

There ya have it...a literal peek inside our lives!


John said...

Where's the beer :-(

Grampy said...

It's in the garage fridge :-)