Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day 24 - #1 sellers, Christmas Tree

Some exciting news we got when Carter picked up his Boy Scout popcorn - our Pack 358 sold the most popcorn in the NATION! $96,000 worth of the stuff! Carter individually sold just under $500, and that was pretty exciting. But this total is awesome! Anyway, just had to give a 'shout out' to Pack 358 in Zionsville! Now we just need to find the time to deliver it!

So yesterday I mentioned in my blog about Tom getting the Door Buster bargain pre-lit Christmas tree on Black Friday. I have something to say about that. EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET A PRE-LIT CHRISTMAS TREE!!! Oh my - talk about as easy as 1-2-3 - we looked at each other and couldn't believe we've waited this long to jump on this sensation. It took all of about 2 minutes to set it up, and then another 5 to adjust the branches how I liked them. Tom and I think we heard a gospel choir sing, "Hallelujah"... THAT'S how fast and easy this was.

Ours is a beautiful Bristol Pine with 1400 tips and 1000 lights. 500 are multi colored, and 500 are white. It also has 7 different settings you can choose from to display your light action. Ours, of course doesn't deviate much from tradition - the lights are staying solid. Carter didn't like the blinkers, the slow fade to black, the patterns etc. Oh no - Santa, he said, would not like it the other ways. My little creature of habit. So, solid lights will stay. No motion, and no unpredictability going to happen with this tree! He did agree to liking the colored lights though - we put on all white lights on our old tree, so this multi-colored light thing is a new addition.

We spent the afternoon decorating the tree and putting up some more decorations around the house. Tom finished the lights outside and things are almost completed. Of course you know how that goes with decorating for a season, you make the biggest mess first (at least I do!) while taking other stuff down and getting out all your tubs and boxes filled with glee. So my house looks like a bomb went off inside it - things amuck here and there, dining room tabled filled with 'stuff' I'm not putting out this year (and need to repack) because of Olivia's curiosity and inability to resist putting any object in her mouth. I have greenery pieces sprinkled all over my carpet, glitter here and there and just overall clutter and chaos that comes before you can enjoy it all. By the end of the weekend, I hope to have things straightened out, the dust swept under the rug and be dreaming of a white Christmas.

Here's a few pictures of some favorite ornaments hanging on our tree...

Here's the decorated tree and mantle...

Carter's first ornament. Given to him from my grandparents. It's the first one he wants to hang every year.

Boston Lobster ornament given to Carter from my parents when they lived there.

Cute star ornament with Carter's school picture on it from last year.

Tom's Colts ornament - no need to explain.

A cupcake ornament that Carter picked out as Olivia's first ornament...

A couple of my Christopher Radko ornaments - hard to choose a favorite so I'll share these 2...


John said...

Everything looks beautiful!

Gaylene said...

OF COURSE the lights can't flash! lol Everything looks great!