Monday, November 19, 2007

Day 19 - Sending out an SOS!

Sending out an S.O.S! Bah!

Sounds from the sickbay: "Mommy! I had a little accident!"

Nurse Ratchet: thinking - oh crap, "What happened honey?"

Sounds from the sickbay: "I got a little choke on the coffee table, and a little on Daddy's shoes!" (choke is the word Carter uses for puke)

Nurse Ratchet: thinking - double crap, "Coming!"

Nurse Ratchet: "I'll clean it up, let me get something. Why didn't you use the choke bowl you've been using?"

Sounds from the sickbay: "I missed..."

*Sigh* Here we go again. Is there ever a dull moment you ask? Not really. I've got a sickie. Of course I do, he only has school 2 days this week, and he'll probably miss those. I think his body senses a vacation of sorts, because it's impecible timing. Let's hope this is not some bug that's getting ready to infect the whole family. Yikes! Wait! I know why he's sick - the New England Patriots are 10-0! 56-10 final score. Yep, there's some puking going on... I'm digressing...

This is not officially how my morning started. The kickoff to the vomit marathon began at around 3:17 to be exact. A.M. When I was woken up by a frazzled sickly one who said he got a little choke on his bed sheets and floor. I was a child once - I remember not making it to the bathroom. I knew there was not going to be a little choke on the sheets and floor. I was right. It covered pajamas, top sheet, bottom sheet, pillow case, a few stuffed animals and a trail of discernable leftover chunks of gook on the carpet. Mmmmmm - just what I was hoping for at 3 in the morning! I don't know if it was the time of night, er morning, the smell of vomit permiating the air, or having to clean it all up - but my stomach began it's acrobats too. Although I did not get sick (yet), I felt mere seconds away. I'm feeling better now though.

So from 3:17am on, we had a total of 2 pajama changes, 2 sheet changes (then I started adding towels to catch the goods so I wouldn't have to change the sheets again!), about 7 cleanups on aisle 1 (thankfully those did not miss the bowl) and then Tom woke at 5:15 (without a clue as to what had been going on around him all night) to get ready for work (early meeting). I felt like a Mack Truck has run me over. I'm so tired! Every 15 minutes I would hear "Mommy!" screaching from the infirmary. It would jolt me out of whatever semi-coma my body was trying desperately to get back into. The thought crossed my mind to grab my pillow and a blanket and sleep on his floor so I'd be close. But I didn't want him to miss the choke bowl and get ME! My eyes are burning and I just want to sleep. But I can't. The day has well been started and I have 2 short people to account for. Sleep will have to wait. Motherhood, what's not to love? Maybe the Swivel Sweeper or some Oxy Clean would come in handy today... I'll never know.


Edited ** PS....

My doorbell just rang and a box from Amazon came -oooooh don't you love that? After ripping it open I found this little gem inside thanks to this awesome dude! Maggie Mason has her own blog that is SO funny! What a nice surprise to an otherwise miserably yucky sick day here in the infirmary! Can't wait to devour this! THANKS UNCLE JOHN!!


John said...

Thanks, I was eating lunch when I read that. You are very helpful in my attempt at keeping the weight off. I hope your day gets better. Call in the grandmommy to cover you for a nap.

Grampy said...

"discernable leftover chunks of gook on the carpet"

Another famous quote from his blog author, "corn in, corn out"

Grampy said...


"discernable leftover chunks of gook on the carpet"

Another famous quote from THIS blog author, "corn in, corn out"