Friday, November 9, 2007

Day 9 - Tivo's replacement and our anniversary dinner

Well well well.... the new receiver and dish (see yesterday's posting) did not get installed today. Nothing more irritating than getting a time scheduled and being told "they'll be there some time between noon-5 pm" - and then they show up at 4:40. Yep, still got 20 minutes don't they. So after he and Tom roam the property and figure out where this new dish will go, they discover that the receiver is not the right one that Tom ordered. And later find out it's not an easy receiver to locate company-wide. Tom even comfirmed 2 days ago that the right receiver would be on the truck with the installer. Shmucks.

I won't bore you with the details, but in the end, DirecTV customer service people need a technology background first of all, and secondly we ended up having to go purchase The Receiver at Circuit City and get credit from DirecTV because this specific receiver is hard to come by. Nonetheless, it was so irritating to be stuck at home, on a day that Tom has off (work honors Veteran's Day with today off instead of Monday) and wait until the last possible minutes of the approx. time they said they'd be here - only to have NOTHING INSTALLED at the end of the day - and I deleted all my TiVo'd programs in a hurry for this!

Well, misery loves company I always say, so at least I wasn't alone in my annoyance. Tom was pretty peeved about it too - especially since he was really looking forward to a new electronic device in the house. Sort of like an early Christmas present. Boys.....

On a lighter note - we finally went out for dinner to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary(10/25/97). With work, and school, and kids, and life.... it wasn't easy to get into the restaurant we wanted to go to, at just the right time. So tonight it was our night - we went to The Melting Pot. We had not been there since we went with my folks and Aunt & Uncle in from Boston a couple years ago. It was a nice long lingering dinner, fondue style. We nearly needed to be rolled out of there by the time dinner was finished. But boy, was it good! You should try it out if there's a location near you. Save room for dessert!


John said...

Happy Anniversary! A decade of bliss :-)

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary
from scott & renee
love ya
tell the kid we said hello