Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 12 - Family gathering, game chat, photos!

A few minor blatherings before I get down to it...

Did you see the Colts vs. Chargers football game last night? We thought at one point we may run out of players. My mother-in-law suggested maybe the cheerleaders could go in and help out! That.Is.How.Bad.It.Was. We're still in the cheering section, but boy oh boy, that was rough. Only thing worse would have been if it were us in a game in New England, 20 degrees and snowing! Oh yeah, that's happened already before. I'll have to come up with another scenario.

It never rains in San Diego! Why was there a typhoon there last night? Well, I'm not going to make up excuses as to why we lost the game, there's proof enough. 2 missed field goal attempts (Vinatieri WHO?), six interceptions (Laser Rocket Arm WHAT?), 99 yard return for a touchdown (Special Teams? Nothin' special about those knuckleheads). Ok I'm stopping now, there are more reasons we lost (9 injured players) but I'm just getting annoyed from rehashing the longest 3 hours ever. We'll have to see how they look next week... *sigh*

DirecTV update: Tom purchased the receiver he needed online at Circut City. Went to pick it up and they did not have what he ordered. One is supposed to be delivered to the store this week. He received a $24 gift card for his troubles. Bah! Need I elaborate more?


Weekend Happenings!

My family (Tom's sister & Co.) came home for a long-weekend visit from Colorado. On Sunday we had a delicious lunch (pulled pork w/choice of sauce, baked beans, cheesy potatoes, green salad, fruit salad and birthday cake for dessert) at their home. I'm certain that my father-in-law must have started cooking all of this at 4:00 in the morning when he usually wakes for the day, because I don't know how Judy & Melissa found the time to whip this all up by noon, and have the house ready for the gang's arrival. Most of the gang was present, except for Mark's sisters Lynn & Tina from Chicago. In total, there were 22 of us. You can click on the hotlinks to see photos of everyone:

My nieces and nephew Grace, Grant and Jillian

Grandma Fran & Grandma Judy and here is Grandpa Larry & Grandpa Ed

Mary Jane and John our cousins, and their sons David and Mark (with John)

Brothers Neal & Mark

My neice Jillian and my nephew-in-law (is nephew-in-law a word?) Lauer here coloring some cool pictures.

My niece Grace cuddling with my daughter Olivia.

Here's the Three Amigas - Melissa (sister), Traci (Lauer's Mom/Neal's Wife), Mary Jane (cousin). Got all that? Branches are long, what can I say!

The Newlyweds Kyle & Jill (Kyle = Mary Jane's brother). Kyle was in town from New Jersey to celebrate his 30th birthday (for the 20th time). It was a nice treat to have them there.

And of course Mark & Melissa who are probably getting ready to catch their flight back to Colorado as I type this.

We had such a nice afternoon together, overeating around the table, catching up on the family happenings from here and there, laughing 'til it hurt and wishing it wouldn't end. I'm in awe at how much the kids have grown up - must be that Mile High city air. It was much too short of a visit though.

Hurry up and move back!! Picture's just AREN'T enough!


Mary Jane said...

Andrea -- these are great pictures!

John said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE REMOVE MY PICTURES FROM YOUR BLOG!!!! OR, at least hire Kyle to fix them..

Love, Love,
???Guess who