Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 14 - Food For Thought

Today's post, is mostly pictures. Strange pictures. Pictures of food items with, uh, shall we say, unique names.

What prompted this post, is the first picture you see here. I was browsing the shelves at our local grocery store this week checking out the ethnic section. They usually have some great marinades and interesting cooking items I pick up now and then.

All of the sudden, I see this.

I KNOW! You're laughing aren't you?

I'm all...looking left and looking right like I just found someone's dirty little secret or something, before I grab it down and start reading the label. I mean, with a name like that, what on earth could be in there! I shuddered at the possibilities, because in some foreign lands, that name would probably be a delicacy. I was quite relieved when I read that it was a very popular English pudding, and not some weird microwavable penis in a can.

But still... inside I was laughing like a giddy 5 year old! I was thankful that my cell phone was just charged, and I had plenty of juice in it to snap a picture of this food find for some blogging fun. I immediately sent the picture to my friend's phone, who was at the library studying. I can imagine what she thought when she opened her picture mail. I'm willing to bet she was giggling like a 5 year old inside too, and probably was ready for a little break from the books!

So naturally, I did a web search on other foods with strange names and came up with these. They all sound so appetizing, no? They seem to have the same theme, or are at least all in the same general "area" of grossness!

Here we have the Plopp Chocolate Toffee Bar...

Care for some Spunk flavored Gummies?

Oh, this one will make you hungry... Shitto Spiced Pepper Sauce

Mmmm... care for some Poo brand tofu sticks to snack on?

And lastly, these here come in other flavors, but the Choco Puff Collon sounds the best don't you think?

I sure hope you just worked up an appetite!

Maybe you could try out the English Pudding for your Thanksgiving day dessert and let us know how it tastes?


John said...

Spotted dick is actually yummy. Debbie Frost's mom used to make it during the holidays. The best part is you glazed it with hard sauce :-)

Tracy C. said...

I went to college in England and Spotted Dick was my favorite dessert! The English are horrible cooks (or at least our cafeteria ladies were), but they know how to bake a good Spotted Dick! And all us crazy college kids appreciated it!

mindianapolis500 said...

That's hilarious. I think we tried some spotted dick on our honeymoon, but honestly don't remember because I was too toasted on cider :)

JoEllen said...

OMG...I am totally giggling also!!

Love the Shitto one!

Wendy said...

Andrea - OMG this topic came up on my guilty please Rock of Love Charm School - they had an English women who was royalty and they had to use good manners etc., follow rules - well she asked for Spotted Dick and kept raving on how yumming it is in her mouth etc., etc., and they were cracking up. It was hilarious. It was the first I've heard of it too - but then I saw your post..perfect timing! LOL at your other findings too. I'm with you - not so appealing...YUCK!

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