Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 28 - I'm Turkey'd Out

It's official, I'm sick of turkey. How can that be, Thanksgiving was just yesterday?

Well, I'll tell you.... after gorging on the feast for lunch with the family yesterday, naturally the only logical thing to have for dinner later that evening was the ever-traditional Turkey Sandwich. I'm my house, we grew up eating it in layers of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, salt & pepper and a smear of mayo. Sounds good doesn't it?

Well it sounds good, unless you had it last night for dinner, today as your lunch, then again tonight for dinner. Each time it was a small sandwich, on a leftover roll from The Feast, but still. So, needless to say, if I as much as hear a mere "Gobble Gobble" from someone, I just might be sick.

I would hate to waste the remaining leftovers, so I may be serving some form of turkey again tomorrow for lunch. Although, I might put the energy into changing things up a bit, and serve it hot with gravy and some leftover mashed potatoes. By then, my family will REALLY be sick of the bird 'ya think?

Are you turkey'd out yet?

I'm not complaining about the leftover dessert though am I? Funny how that happens....

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Internet Strategist @GrowMap said...

I love the traditional Thanksgiving Day meal so much that I am still eating turkey for every other meal and love it; however, you could always freeze the leftovers now and have them later when you aren't tired of them. :-)