Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 17 - Mellow Monday

Since I can't keep the camera out of my hands long enough for you to miss seeing pictures of my kids... I present to you the latest installment.

It's nice to catch your kids doing something that requires imagination. Like drawing, which he enjoys now and has come such a long way with his fine motor skills. He's into making rainbows with pots of gold as you can see.

The eyecolors on our kids are so interesting to us. Carter's are blue like denim jeans, such a deep hue of blue. They remind me of my late grandfather's eyes, and I love to just stare at them when the sunlight hits just right. They are so unique, I think.

Olivia's, well hers are like the Caribbean waters. My sister-in-law has eyes like the tropical seas too. Can't go anywhere without someone making a comment about O's eyes. I'm sure Melissa has the same compliments!

This is a child engrossed in Sesame Street. I often find her all dressed up in a hat and boa, just being still and thinking Elmo is talking straight to her! The boa was on the floor, but I couldn't resist this shot.

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Joanne said...

These are really beautiful! Olivia is so funny in that last one!

Eye color is a funny thing - Anthony has dark brown eyes, just like his father, and I assumed all my kids would, since brown eyes are dominant. Now I have Maria with blue eyes, kind of like Carter's. I can't imagine what the next one will look like!