Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 15 - Seriously?

Let me just gripe for a minute people.

I mean really... this has been aggravating me since the envelope came home.

Two words. School Pictures.

Sometimes I feel like I need to open my own company and do this for a living because the people that those companies employ are just blind boneheads. You know when you feel like the job isn't going to be done good enough unless YOU do it? Yeah, that's how I feel about school picture day. And I feel it for every parent.

Why doesn't the photography company notice (or care) that the kid's hair is sticking straight up because his time slot for pictures was right after gym class?

Or the disheveled 8 year old that has their shirt only half tucked in, or the little girl with a crooked pigtail that takes 2 seconds to fix!

Or hell, how about maybe notice the PIZZA ON MY KID'S FACE? Seriously.


Marianna said...

Ours weren't that great this year either...but I must say my favorite picture of Amin is his 1st grade one when his hair is sticking straight up! Of course, I like it because it is/was so him.

JoEllen said...

ROFLOL!!! Love it don't ya!!

Abby looked TERIFIED in her picture!! Zach's looks just like last year...just a bit older!

Tracy C. said...

We have an adorable picture of Kimberly with toothpaste on her chin! Two funny things: it matches her hair clip and the blue flowers on her dress so well you'd think it was meant to be there. Second, the photo was taken at a photography studio... I was there the entire time and didn't notice. Of course taking children to a photography studio is really a contact sport, so I can't be blamed, right?

Wendy said...

LMAO -- that is classic. I have my own rants from school pics too!