Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 26 - Ready For The Big Day

Turkey in the brine - check
Stuffing ready to stuff - check
Set the Table - check
Drinks chilled - check
Misc lists - check
Alarm set for 6:00 am - check

Well, it's official. I'm ready for guests to arrive with arms full of dinner accompaniments tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I'm already salivating.

Carter made a cute little turkey at school that is proudly displayed on the dinner table (pic above). This, I'm sure, will become a yearly staple at the Thanksgiving table. My husband's turkey from about 2nd grade still makes an appearance at his Mom's table too. It's what us Mothers are all about...

We're ready for the big day - have a terrific holiday with your families!


Renee in Salem said...

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Tell Carter I think his turkey is just awesome.
Happy Thanksgving
Renee and Scott

Tracy C said...

I loved Matthew's turkey, too! Funny thing is, I made all the copies of all the turkey parts for Mrs. M. -- and completely forgot! Matthew 'wrapped' his and wouldn't let us open it until Thanksgiving morning!

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