Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 30 - What Gets You Moving?

I MADE IT! 30 posts in 30 days - what a challenge! Here's my final posting for November - I'm going to go listen to some loud music in celebration!


Loud music makes me forget about the sweat dripping into my eyes, my shins burning and how fast my heart is beating.

At my Boot Camp classes, I don't usually need to put on the iPod because the trainer has her own mixes blaring for us - but on the treadmill, eeeegads that's boring! Ours has one of those bells & whistles types with a built in TV screen (yes, it's even set it up with satellite and Tivo, and only men get all excited about those gadgets - but whatever gets one through the workout, right?). However, I cannot concentrate on anything on the tv screen, so I don't use it. It's too slow for me.

So instead, I plug in my iPod and get going. I need the loud music beating to the same pace as my heart is... or I'll quit. Or maybe it's my heart that will quit. Either way, it's as simple as that.

I cover the console of the treadmill so that I don't have to see how much time I have left, or the incline I'm torturing myself with, but I know that when the first 5 songs on my playlist are over, I have 2 miles done and I need a gallon of water to drink!

What beats get you moving? Here are mine... for right now, because the playlist changes often!


MJ said...

Hey Andrea -- Thanks! I will enjoy checking this out!

John said...

Congratulations! Wahhhhoooo!

wendy said...

Andrea - love your playlist as it resembles mine almost completely! See I knew we were meant to be friends!

I'm with you - I have my IPOD on during runs to motivate me because otherwise it's so darn boring! My new add on though is NICKELBACK -Somebody to Love! Is this one different than what you have on facebook? I have a whole slew of songs and then I just start it at different places so I get to hear all my songs. I just saw one I want to add though...Happy Ending! I don't think I have that one! :O)

SaraGardens said...

A belated CONGRATULATIONS on your awesome blog-marathon finish! What a great way to head into the darker days of winter, with this little glow of accomplishment to light the way...