Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 23 - Under Pressure

... and no, I'm not listening to Queen's album if that's what you thought from my blog title today.

I'm under some serious pressure. Remember that post I did a couple weeks ago about the book I had my nose in? Yeah, well I still have not finished it. I am getting annoyed with the emails from the library telling me my book will be due soon. Then the others telling me how much sooner. Then the latest email telling me it's due TODAY. Have they forgotten who they are dealing with?

They keep good records over there at the library, so they should know that I am famous for returning my books late. But usually I can go online to their website and renew my book for a couple more weeks. Not this time, this book is in high demand, and people are waiting! It makes the guilt inside of me fizz up until I'm choking on it.

I can't take the pressure! I have about a quarter of the book left to finish and I can't find the time (or silence) to do it. I can't believe it's Sunday night already. I have read 5 pages this whole weekend. F-I-V-E! It should be many more than that, I'm not a slow reader. But when interruptions occur every few minutes with someone wanting something (gimme gimme right?), or the dryer is beeping at me, or someone needs a snack - I have to keep putting the book down and tending to the needs of the family.

Then I get back to the book, reread the same paragraph once or twice because I'm not quite out of my distraction, and realize I am farther down the page than that, and I FINALLY find my spot where I left off. Only to get a few more lines back into the story and get interrupted - AGAIN!

Can you sense my frustration? Can you see why I'm feeling pressure about this book now that someone is so desperately hoping to snatch out of my hands and read if I would only return it?

OK, deep breaths. I know what you're thinking. Why aren't you reading it right now instead of typing out this blog entry?

I'll tell ya why - it's because I cannot read when the THIRD football game of the day is blaring in the background, the kids are fighting and jumping around, the BlackBerry is bleeping and pinging and children's books keep getting shoved into my side with cries of "read me Mommy!" THAT'S WHY! And now that those beautiful little angels are in bed, I'm too exhausted for my eyes to focus on the pages....

Tomorrow's another day - I'll try to get in another 5 pages. My funny husband suggested maybe I go someplace quiet so that I can read my book in peace.

A place like say, the library!


Anonymous said...

Ma to the rescue. Return the book and keep mine till you're finished.

Wendy said...

OMG - that was awesome! I am in the same boat literally!!! I HAD to return mine and pay a .05 late fee since I tried to renew late at night thinking...I can just renew and have 3 more weeks WRONG -- it's was Jenny McCarthy's new book Mommy Warriors. I was almost done too. I just myself back in the que to get it back! LOL at you losing your place reading higher up only to realize you were in a different place...story of my life. I'm a better reading in summer when I can be outside and the kids can be playing blissfully - wintertime being in close quarters I can't even read this blog without having to stop and reread! Kids, gotta love em!