Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 6 - Where Did November Come From?

I have not had the time to sit down and thoughtfully write any blog postings for the upcoming days. I try to compose a couple in advance so that I just have to click PUBLISH when the time is right - but I've fallen behind. Shocking, I know.

This comic pretty much sums up my feelings. My month of November seems to be adding up to be a crazy one. I mean, I knew stuff was coming up but suddenly I had to flip the calendar from October to November and it was as if 11 months went by without noticing. I'm sure you have had those kinds of months happen before too.

My To Do list you ask? - Besides all the normal at-home crud that comes along with taking care of the family, I have a few things to keep me busy this month. The smoke coming from my ears is from the brain cells that I'm frying while in deep thought.

* Finish Cub Scout popcorn sales
* Research products for an upcoming business order
* Design layout for current business order
* Gift for friend's baby shower this weekend
* Research info for neighborhood winter newsletter
* Send bday cards out for Nov. bdays
* Dentist appts. for the kids next week
* Put together guest list for my annual ornament exchange party
* Design and mail invitations for the ornament party
* Put some thought into Thanksgiving dinner, which I'm hosting
* Finish organizing info for upcoming neighborhood Luminary Night
* Set up outdoor Christmas lights
* Call 65 residents and try not to sound annoyed when I ask for info for the 4th time
* Hosting 2 meetings Mon/Tues next week - get info ready
* Create flyers for delivery
* Deliver popcorn
* Meetings and projects for the non-profit organization I belong to
* Put the Fall crap (I mean, decorations) away and drag out the holiday stuff (thankfully I have a couple of weeks left to do THIS line item)

This is too much for one Post-It note. I need a white board to draw on like the UPS guy in the commercials..... Can I pretend it's still October, and the only thing I have to worry about is what kind of Halloween candy to buy?

Ok, back to work.

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John said...

You stole my posting Idea for today Bitch!