Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 16 - 100 Things Meme

Why yes... my weekend is just filled with fillers such as another Meme for your enjoyment!

***** 100 Things About Me *****

1. I'm the oldest of three children
2. I grew up in Lynn, Massachusetts
3. I lived in Saudi Arabia as a child
4. We named our Saudi cat "Sheika"
5. I have two brothers
6. I have lived in 4 states (MA, NH, IN, VA)
7. I would love to visit every state in the US at least once
8. I have only been to 20ish so far
9. I have never been on a Cruise
10. I hate flying
11. I was married for 11 years
12. I have two children, a boy (almost 8) and girl (almost 2)
13. Four members of my family have a birthday on the 12th of a month
14. I love sappy movies
15. I need Kleenex during Hallmark commercials
16. I am famous for driving around with library books in my car with the intention of returning them, and making them very late
17. I knocked my permanent front teeth out in a rollerskating/bicycle accident when I was 9
18. My friend Carrie ran behind me holding my teeth - root and all - while I bled all through the house
19. I once got caught flippin' the bird to my Dad when he saw me in the reflection of a glass cabinet
20. You can probably guess, I had soap in my mouth a few times as a child for punishment
21. I still have the same best friends as I had in elementary school, some as early as kindergarten.
22. My family adopted a retired Greyhound when I was 14
23. His name was JA's Express. We called him Express, or 'Spressy
24. We always had cats growing up, and now I'm allergic to them as an adult
25. I used to be a smoker
26. I have been smoke-free for over 8 years
27. I quit in a Blind Field Study using test patches through an Indiana University research program
28. I still do not know if I had a placebo patch, a nicotine patch, or the "test" medicine in my patch
29. I have never fired a gun
30. But I have held and put together a shotgun
31. I believe in the Right To Bear Arms, but think it should be a lengthy process to have the privaledge of doing so
32. I was baptized and raised in the Catholic religion
33. My kids were baptized in the Methodist church
34. I do not attend church regularly, but that does not make me less of a believer
35. I miss getting envelopes in the mail from my grandmother, filled with clippings and comics from my hometown newspaper
36. I miss hearing my grandfather humming, and the smell of his aftershave and peppermint gum
37. I am not a good baker
38. I consider myself a good cook though, just don't ask me to make cookies
39. I can barely sew a button back on clothing
40. I have never used a sewing machine
41. I hate shopping
42. I hate shopping with other people even more
43. I have to touch everything I pass by when I'm in a store
44. I have a prescription for glasses
45. I haven't worn my glasses in years because I can't stand them on my face
46. I wore contact lenses for a handful of years and they were a pain so I stopped
47. Don't follow my example. Wear your glasses.
48. I love Yankee Candles. I burn them every day
49. I no longer have my thick Boston accent
50. I do not play an instrument
51. I took piano lessons as a child
52. I acquired a taste for Mexican food only in the last 10 years
53. Homemade meatballs and sauce is one of my favorite things
54. I like my steak cooked Medium. I can't believe I used to want it Well Done when I was younger. Uh!
55. The only seafood I like is fried clams, shrimp cocktail, lobster and scallops.
56. I have a child with Autism
57. I do not go past my waist in the ocean, and I don't like to do even that!
58. I miss the sounds of the waves and an ocean breeze though.
59. Fall in New England is hard to beat
60. I've grown to love the beauty of an endless field of corn stalks in August
61. I needed help from a fertility doctor to conceive my children.
62. My astrology sign is Virgo: Practical, responsible, sensible, logical, analytical, precise, punctual, dedicated, perfectionist, critical
63. I have an overwhelming need to pick someone's suntan if their skin is peeling.
64. I tell people if they have something in their teeth, on their face, or sticking to their person. I would want the same for me!
65. Sometimes the above recipients have been strangers. But thankful strangers!
66. I have had 2 c-section surgeries
67. I color my hair (are there women who don't?)
68. I would never, ever bungee jump
69. I love to sing really loud in my car
70. I don't stop singing even when those in the car next to me are glancing over.
71. I had a breast-reduction surgery 10 years ago
72. I have taken a liking to photography as a hobby
73. I have never eaten at a Hardee's
74. I do not like tomatoes on sandwiches or salad, but I love salsa. Go figure.
75. I watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette as my guilty pleasures.
76. I believe in a woman's Right To Choose. I hope they choose Life.
77. My first car was a 1970-something Chevy Nova. Red(ish), faded, no radio
78. My Dad taught me how to drive a stick shift. I learned in the hilly neighborhoods off of Lynnfield Street. Great practice.
79. I drove home the first time he took me out. He was very patient. I was freaking.
80. I went to a Catholic school until 8th grade
81. Horror movies scare me way too much
82. The most useful class I took in high school was typing
83. I love Disco music.
84. I get teary when the National Anthem plays at events
85. My friends and I doubled pierced our ears as teenagers using ice cubes and a needle
86. I believe in Gay Rights
87. I've had over 300 shots in the stomach and butt to have my two babies
88. I voted for Obama
89. I could never eat a live bug. And probably not a dead one either. No Survivor for me.
90. I'm fiercely afraid of spiders. Ew.
91. I know CPR
92. I love stuff that has to do with the weather. I want a weather computer thingy.
93. I have been through 2 hurricanes. Gloria and Bob.
94. I played Tiny Tim in a school play and got gasps when I took my cap off at the end and my long hair fell out.
95. I have too many shows recorded on my Tivo that I will never have time to watch
96. I am deathly afraid of going snorkeling.
97. I would love to see Van Morrison in concert, but only if he promised his Greatest Hits
98. I recycle all paper, newspapers, magazines, plastic containers, glass, cans and cardboard every week
99. I dislike reheating leftover meat in the microwave. I'd rather eat it cold.
100. When I hear a child say "Mommy!" I answer them out of habit even if it's not my kid

I am giving John the tag only because he threatened to rip my heart out and eat it. That would make him have to come to Indy, and I want to see them. :)


Unknown said...

If you tag me for this I will rip your heart out and eat it raw!

Marianna said...

Well, I just learned all kinds of things about you I never knew!! Hope you are all doing well.


Wendy @RunningonMTT said...

Great info Andrea!!! Hmmm, maybe I should try this!